Is there an upside for small business owners struggling with Sales and Marketing

Posted by tracyhawkey on May 8, 2018

The challenges for small businesses today are vast and different than those of the larger enterprise corporations.

The top Small business problems and priorities based on surveyed answers were categorized into the following areas:
1. Healthcare
2. Federal and State Regulations
3. Taxes
4. Not Enough Time
5. Sales and Marketing
6. Funding
These categories where created to help focus in on the top issues affecting businesses. The information was authored after reviewing several studies by SMB organizations and rich in history survey companies that interviewed more than 5,000 SMB’s collectively in a wide variety of industries, sizes and all over the US.

The compelling observation here is that “Sales and Marketing!” is the highest business operational priority of the top 75 problems listed in 2016.  More specifically, the “Sales and Marketing” bucket, further broke down the identified problems into these priorities:
1. Hiring New Employees (Locating Qualified Candidates; Keeping Employees)
2. Increasing Profits
3. Growing Revenue
4. Keeping up with business and Marketing Developments
5. Training
6. Pricing Competitively
7. Cost Effective Advertising
8. Using Social Media

The fourth priority from the problem list at the top,  “Not enough Time” bucket is also dominated by sales and marketing functions and priorities. Here is a list of the specific “Not Enough Time” problem controlling issues:
1. Delivering effective customer service and relationship development
2. Need help managing and leading sales and marketing as it is a top priority
3. Need systems that help owners manage and streamline the business
4. Managing Cash Flow
5. Locating businesses to help when needed

These issues are why small business owners need a business “coach” that has verifiable results with a proven powerful sales and marketing system.

The SALES and MARKETING PROGRAM we’ve created will…
✅ Produce real results by helping you focus on the activities within your business that bring in the money
✅ Be delivered in the specific order that’s proven to generate the most revenue, and at the fastest rate for the business.
✅ Follow a proven sales process that results in an exponential increase in leads, conversions and closed business.
✅ . Provide access to a library of marketing resources to support your business for many years to come worth more than $1M

This is a proven life-changing system for any business not generating the type of revenue and cash-flow they expected. And the beauty is this marketing system is available for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

What on earth are you waiting for…  Don’t be a charter member of “Procrastinators Anonymous!” Click here: GET STARTED today by going to my website for your personal guided tour of the sales and marketing system for small business owners and get signed up to begin your next phase of successful business ownership.

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